Helmholtz-Einstein International Berlin Research School in Data Science (HEIBRiDS)

The Einstein Center Digital Future (ECDF) and the Helmholtz Association have launched the Helmholtz-Einstein International Berlin Research School in Data Science (HEIBRiDS), a joint graduate program in Data Science. Established in 2018, HEIBRiDS is an interdisciplinary program that trains young scientists in Data Science applications within a broad range of natural science domains, spanning from Earth & Environment, Astronomy, Space & Planetary Research to Geosciences, Materials & Energy and Molecular Medicine. It is our goal to educate a new generation of researchers, who are skilled data scientists that understand the demands and the challenges of the disciplines in which data science has become indispensable. You can find out more on www.heibrids.berlin.

In our HEIBRiDS project, we calibrate the platform magnetometers of non-dedicated satellite flying low Earth orbits post-launch. This project is a collaboration between the TU Berlin and the GFZ Potsdam. The platform magnetometers are roughly pre-calibrated which is sufficient for navigation and attitude control purposes. For scientific usage, this calibration is improved by taking into account a multitude of data available on the satellite to correct for artificial disturbances introduced by other payload systems. The resulting datasets of the in-flight calibration of the magnetometers enhances the spatio-temporal coverage of the Earth’s magnetic field and enables geoscientific applications. In particular, we are calibrating and characterizing the platform magnetometer data of the GRACE-FO and GOCE satellite missions and publishing them for further analysis by geoscientists.