As consumer electronic devices, such as smartphones, become more and more powerful, they need to handle several tasks at the same time as increasingly more services are controlled via them. In the meantime, modern abstraction layers are driving the creation of hiding this complexity from the user while adding technical complexity under the hood. This aggravates the development and maintenance of consumer electronic devices, therefore, poses new challenges for manufacturers and developers. Failures or other unpredictable events can cause severe reputation damage to the manufacturer, especially in cases of unsatisfied consumers. In principle, a failure is created by a defect in the system, which is created by a root cause at runtime in the system and then propagates until it becomes an observable failure. Tracing back the chain from the failure to the root cause is a hard task.

The aim of this project is to automatically localize root causes for failures. For this purpose, log data are examined, and corresponding root cause candidates are extracted from the log data. This supports the developers to find out more quickly what caused the certain failure and how they occurred. Since this task takes a lot of time for the developer, it is also very cost-intensive. Therefore, it should be automated with the help of this method to save time and money.